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Board of Directors

  • Corey Loessin

    Corey Loessin joined the SPG Board of Directors in 2012. Corey and his wife Joan Heath, along with their children Audra and Aidan, farm in northwestern Saskatchewan growing various crops including peas, lentils, and faba beans. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and worked as a District Agriculturalist in Alberta for several years prior to returning to Saskatchewan to farm. While farming, he also taught crop science courses at the U of S for 12 years. Corey serves as an SPG representative on the Pulse Canada Board. 

  • Gerrid Gust

    Gerrid Gust joined the SPG Board of Directors in 2016. Together with family, Gerrid manages and operates a fourth generation farm, in Davidson, SK. They run a straight grain operation, where the focus is on producing high quality crops including peas, red lentils, durum, canola, and winter wheat, with pulses making up approximately 30‐50 per cent of their rotation. Gerrid has been involved in farm policy for the past 10 years starting with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, chairing from 2009‐2013. He also served on the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) from 2007‐ 2015. In 2012, he was asked by the provincial government to help set up the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission. Gerrid serves on SPG’s Research and Development Committee and is Chair of the Nominations Committee. He is also SPG’s representative on the Board of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan. 

  • Brad Blackwell

    Brad Blackwell joined the SPG Board in 2017. He operates a family farm at Dinsmore where they grow 8,000 acres of wheat, malt barley, flax, and red lentils. Pulses account for approximately 40% of their acres. Brad has been an active member of the Dinsmore Kinsmen Club since 1995, as well as apart of Telemiracle 27-31. He currently serves on SPG’s Research and Development Committee and is Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee.

  • Jackie Carleton

    Jackie Carleton joined the SPG Board in 2017. She manages and operates a 4,000-acre farm with her husband in Bracken, SK. Peas and lentils account for one-third of their crop rotation. Aside from farming, Jackie began her agriculture career operating and managing a pulse processing, seed cleaning, and producer car loading facility. Following that, she worked as a grain brokerage agent prior to becoming the Purchasing Manager for the Pulse Division of LegumexWalker. In 2015 she resigned her duties to focus on the operations of their farm. Jackie currently serves as a SPG representative on the Board of Pulse Canada and is a member of SPG's Audit and Finance Committee.

  • Jean Harrington

     Jean Harrington joined the SPG Board of Directors in 2014. Jean and her husband John crop 7,400 acres as part of a family farm operation in the Glenside area. Pulses and specialty crops generally make up one‐third of their rotation, with canola and wheat rounding out the balance. Marketing crops on the family farm turned into a business for her in 2001 when she founded Prairie Farm Brokerage. The business operated as a full service brokerage until 2012 when it began to function as a consulting rm for ag marketing. Since then Jean has been a market consultant for a small group of clients. Jean previously served on the Pulse Canada and Soy Canada Boards and was SPG’s representative to a producer association coalition tasked with preparing a joint submission for the Canada Transportation Act Review. Jean is currently Chair of SPG’s Research and Development Committee and serves on the Audit and Finance Committee. She also serves on the Canadian Grain Commission Western Standards Committee. 

  • Lee Moats

    Lee Moats joined the SPG Board of Directors in 2011 and serves as Chair of the Pulse Canada Board of Directors. He farms with his wife Laurie and son Joshua on a fourth‐generation family farm in the Riceton area where they operate a zero‐till farm, growing lentils, canola, and winter wheat. Lee has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree with a major in agronomy, and has been a Professional Agrologist for over 30 years. In addition to farming, he also worked for Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture for eight years, and Ducks Unlimited Canada for 20 years. Lee has served as a Director on the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association Board, as a Commissioner on the Saskatchewan Winter Cereal Development Commission, and currently serves as President of the Cross‐Country Co‐op. 

  • Trent Richards

    Trent Richards joined the SPG Board of Directors in 2016. Trent and his wife Tracy continue to operate a third generation farm in the Assiniboia area located in south‐central Saskatchewan. Trent currently continuously crops with lentils, peas, and soybeans making up one‐third of the acres, with cereals, canola, ax, and spices making up the remaining acres. Trent attended the University of Saskatchewan where he was enrolled in vocational agriculture. After school he operated a custom spraying business where he applied chemical, and sold sprayer parts. Trent served on the Assiniboia curling rink board, and Assiniboia civic improvement board. Trent is a member of SPG's R&D and Nominations Committees, and also serves on the Boards of Soy Canada and Pulse Canada. 



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