Strategic Plan

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is a pulse crop development board that is accountable to and funded by growers. Our mission is to provide leadership and create opportunities for profitable growth for the Saskatchewan pulse industry. Our vision is to nourish the world with profitable pulse production.

To move the industry forward and realize this vision, we are investing in four result areas:

  • Our Mission

    1. Boost

    Boosting profitability through increasing yields of established pulse crops by unlocking yield potential and reducing agronomic constraints growers are facing. The on-farm yield gains for growers come from continued enhancement of genetic yield potential and from reducing the agronomic constraints to achieving that yield potential.

  • Our Mission

    2. Impact

    Impacting demand by expanding the use of pulses through increased export demand and new market opportunities. SPG recognizes that profitable growth of the pulse industry will require the expansion of pulse utilization in traditional supply chains and in new markets and uses.

  • Our Mission

    3. Evolve

    Evolving through the development of new pulse crop options with the goal of a viable pulse crop option for every acre of land in Saskatchewan. To ensure pulses are a profitable and sustainable crop alternative for all growers in Saskatchewan, SPG will strive to ensure a pulse crop is available for every acre in Saskatchewan.

  • Our Mission

    4. Reach

    Reaching further through expanded market access by ensuring growers have access to a high functioning transportation system and that trade barriers are resolved. Pulse growers are currently dependent on a few large export markets for a high percentage of the pulses produced in Saskatchewan. Maintaining access to existing markets is critical for profitability today and into the future.