Branding Pulses

Branding of pulses has a focus on improved awareness to the benefits of increased pulse consumption on diets. Domestically, nationally, and internationally, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has been involved in elevating the understanding of pulses, while influencing consumers to purchase and cook with more pulses. 

Canadian Lentils

In the area of market promotion, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) is striving to increase consumer demand for lentils through showcasing the versatility and health attributes of lentils, focusing on protein and fibre, through SPG’s sub-brand Canadian Lentils.

As part of our strategy, SPG is striving to engage key consumer influencers across North America such as dietitians, bloggers, culinary professionals, and media, with the purpose of developing ambassadors for lentils that will share our message with consumers.

In addition to outreach to these audiences at industry-focused events, SPG has developed communication tools under the Canadian Lentils brand. Examples of these include the website, which is full of recipes, health information, helpful hints, and several web series, the digital recipe magazine Lentils for Every Season which is emailed quarterly, the Canadian Lentils Twitter account, and the Canadian Lentils Pinterest account.