Saskatchewan Pulse Growers produces two magazines, both aimed at getting timely information into the hands of growers. PulsePoint magazine is produced quarterly (January, March, June, and October), while the Pulse Research magazine is produced once a year in August.

PulsePoint Magazine

PulsePoint magazine is distributed to all registered pulse growers in Saskatchewan. Any pulse grower in Saskatchewan who has sold pulses and paid levy within the last two years is a registered pulse grower. If you are a registered pulse grower in Saskatchewan and are not receiving SPG publications, please contact us. To receive an electronic copy of PulsePoint by email, please contact us, or sign up at the top of the page. Interested in advertising in PulsePoint magazine? Please see the PulsePoint Magazine media kit.

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PulseResearch Magazine

The PulseResearch magazine highlights the latest research in pulses.Throughout this magazine, you will be able to read about projects that are made possible because of the investment of levy dollars, as well as areas in which we have been able to leverage levy dollars through co-funding of projects with a multitude of partners across the agriculture industry.

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Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has a new strategic plan.

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