In This Issue: April 2018

March 2018

This issue is full of agronomy information to help growers achieve the best from their pulses this growing season.

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  • Constant Vigilance

    Watch for root rot, even in dry years

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  • Taking a Bite Out of Weeds

    Using agronomic practices to manage weeds in puless

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  • Entering a New Decade for Pulse Research

    Canadian Agricultural Partnership federal research funding application reflects the industry’s refined research and development goals

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  • The Protein Problem

    Some soybean crops in Saskatchewan are struggling to make the minimum protein

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  • Improving Pulse Crop Storage and Profitability

    Long-term storage options for peas and lentils

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  • Long-Term Storage of Lentils, Peas, and Chickpeas

    Safe moisture levels and temperatures recommended to store your pulses

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  • Supporting Variety Development Through the Clearfield® Commitment

    Grower support for the Clearfield® Lentil System ensures continued variety development and advancement

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  • 2017 Research Demonstration and On-Farm Trial Results

    Digging into the data from applied research demonstrations and Pulse Replicated On-Farm Independent Trials

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  • Soil Temperatures and Weed Control

    Is it better to start early, or wait for a stronger start in warmer soil?

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  • Keeping Soil Insects at Bay

    What insect pests should you be aware of this growing season?

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  • Tackling Disease in Pulse Crops

    With warmer winters and wet springs, disease tends to crop up

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  • Considerations for a Dry, Dry Year

    The growing season may prove to be more average, but coming off a record dry year, and a dry winter, means planning now for soil moisture retention

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  • Market Access Work Ongoing for Canadian Pulses

    The Canadian pulse industry is working hard to mitigate market access issues in India

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  • Making Sure to Keep It Clean

    Knowing the maximum residue limits can help your crop get access to market

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  • Lentils on the Menu

    Universities are interested in lentils to meet student demand for healthy and sustainable food

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Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has a new strategic plan.

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