• October 2016

  • June 2016

  • Unlocking Pulse Potential

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    March 2016

  • International Year of Pulses Launches

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    December 2015

  • Building Increased Demand

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    October 2015

  • Keeping a Lookout

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    June 2015

  • Planning for Profitability

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    March 2015

  • Innovation and Technology in Agriculture

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    January 2015

  • Guide to Marketing Your New Crop

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    October 2014

  • What SPG-Funded Research is Doing for Your On-Farm Practices

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    June 2014

  • Where We're at on Transportation Issues

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    March 2014

  • SPG-Funded Research in Genome Sequencing Aims to Breed Superstar Pulses

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    January 2014


Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has a new strategic plan.

View Strategic Plan