In This Issue: January 2018

December 2017

Increased production of pulse crops means developing new markets and ways to create demand

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  • SPG Field Trials Translate to Knowledge for Producers

    Results focused on maximizing profitability

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  • Pest and Disease Survey Results

    Summer surveys reveal pest and disease pressure on pulses for 2017

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  • Rotations and the Cost of Production

    Pulses add multiple benefits to your cropping system

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  • Investing in Seed Protection

    Seed treatments can help producers protect seed from pathogens and diseases

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  • Getting Tested

    Soil testing may be the secret to a successful harvest

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  • Licensing Distribution of Pulse Varieties Outside Saskatchewan

    Pulse Growers enter into licensing agreements with SeCan and SeedNet

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  • Top 10 Grain Contract Questions

    What growers should know when they sign their contract

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  • Developing New Markets for Pulse Crops

    Increased production of pulse crops means created new demands

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  • Rethinking Food Formulations

    Sustainable pulse production sees increase in food products

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  • Lentil and Turkey Influencer Campaign Leaves Lasting Impressions

    Partnership amplifies messaging

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Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has a new strategic plan.

View Strategic Plan