Lentil and Turkey Influencer Campaign Leaves Lasting Impressions

Partnership amplifies messaging

by Geoff Geddes

Some say first impressions are the key to success. For those behind a recent influencer campaign involving Lentils.org and Canadian Turkey, however, it was the next 38 million impressions that made all the difference.

Running for eight weeks from August 7 – October 2 of this year, the campaign sought to create and share, through established influencers, the creative ways that Canadians can feed their families using tasty, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare turkey and
lentil dishes. 

“When Canadian Turkey reached out to us about a joint campaign, we saw it as a natural fit as we already use turkey in many of our recipes,” said Amber Johnson, Manager of Market Promotion for Lentils org.

“We see great value in partnering with fellow agriculture associations to further the common goal of supporting Canadian growers and promoting their food products to consumers through influencers such as bloggers.”

Ready, Aim, Influence

The campaign set an ambitious target of 25 million impressions and involved six influencer-created recipes, five agency created recipes, 15 participating bloggers, and 13 consumer contests.

“Our primary goal was to drive awareness of turkey and lentil recipes within the mom community,” said Daniela Duriavig, Partner at Wink Marketing, which specializes in digital planning and social media strategy, and led the campaign on behalf of
Canadian Turkey.

“In targeting moms and consumers making everyday shopping decisions around meal planning, we hoped to get people trying and using these two great foods in their everyday cooking.”

To that end, the campaign focused on accessible content in the form of recipes and first-hand experiences from bloggers focusing on food, parenting, and lifestyle. The focus was to help people understand how to incorporate lentils and turkey on a
daily basis.

Benefits Package

“Both Lentils.org and Canadian Turkey felt we could talk to consumers through influencers in a way that aligned these ingredients in terms of core benefits,” said Duriavig. “They are both healthy foods with an excellent protein component, so they are ideal for showcasing together.”

“This was a back-to-school campaign when people are moving from summer holiday routines to meet the challenges of busy, everyday family life in the fall. Parents are grappling with how to create meals on the fly that are easy and nutritious, and lentils
and turkey are up to the challenge.”

Cooking Up Solutions

To reach those parents, the program had to find influencers who would work with recipes while talking about their experiences and giving preparation tips.

“The results exceeded our targets for the program,” said Johnson. “We wound up with 37.9 million impressions and conveyed some strong messaging of interest to consumers. It was not just saying ‘eat lentils and turkey’, it was providing solutions for busy families while still keeping the budget in mind.”

They also promoted the idea of the turkey/lentils “blend” as a means of incorporating lentils for those who have not eaten them before, by pairing them with something familiar.

“Many of the influencers were moms themselves and could share how they used lentils and turkey in providing practical yet delicious meals for their families,” said Duriavig. “That went a long way to creating the kind of engagement we were looking for and educating people about benefits that related to them rather than just giving product information.”

For Johnson, the outcome reinforced her belief in the power of teamwork.

“Collaboration is something we feel strongly about as an organization. This shows that creating authentic alliances with like‑minded partners is a concept we can really leverage. It just makes sense to forge those connections and present the consumer with a streamlined message from agriculture as a whole. At the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goal with a similar message.”