In This Issue: October 2017

September 2017

What the markets hold for faba beans, chickpeas, peas, and lentils in the coming months, how the feed benchmark reports can be used by growers as a tool to potentially market their peas and faba beans, research into the ideal combination of pea screenings to incorporate into cattle feed 

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  • Getting on Board with Soybeans

    Dr. Jeff Schoenau takes a closer look at soybean nutrient requirements and effects on following crops in Saskatchewan

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  • Finding the Ideal Combination

    Peas for animal feed

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  • Forage Matters

    Understanding faba bean forage

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  • What are the Feed Benchmarks?

    Benchmark pricing tool helps pulse producers market their feed peas and faba beans

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  • App Adds Safety for Farmers

    SOLUS enables people to both request and receive 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in Canada

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  • Protecting Your Pulses

    Who is minding the storage?

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  • Marketing Pulses Digitallly

    Online grain marketing businesses take the guesswork out of marketing your crop

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  • What is Ahead for Faba Beans?

    Opportunities continue to slowly grow in Canada

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  • World Status for Pulses

    What the next six months for peas, lentils, and chickpeas

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  • Movement on Transportation Issues

    Farmers have reason to be optimistic about upcoming amendments to the CTA

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  • Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Election

    How to make your electronic vote count

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  • Half-Cup Habit

    Campaign encourages Americans and Canadians to eat a half-cup serving of pulses three times a week

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  • Spring Campaign Draws Attention to Lentils Across North America

    Pop-up dinner series in cities across North America aims to drive conversation about the versatility of lentils

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Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has a new strategic plan.

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