December 2017 Pulse Advisor “On the Air” Program

November 25, 2017

An interview with upcoming CropSphere speaker Steve Shirtliffe, and interviews with Hugh Beckie and Sherrilyn Phelps from the recent Pulse and Soybean Agronomy Workshop

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  • Steve Shirtliffe from the University of Saskatchewan talks about his upcoming CropSphere presentation in January that focuses on lentil agronomy and how to handle weed control through things like increasing seeding rates and mechanical weed control
  • Hugh Beckie from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently presented at the Pulse and Soybean Agronomy Workshop in Saskatoon. His interview looks at herbicide resistant weeds in Western Canada.
  • Sherrilyn Phelps discusses the topics that were covered during the Pulse and Soybean Agronomy workshop, as well as the success of the event.

December 1 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program with Hugh Beckie, Research Scientist - Herbicide-Resistant Plants with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, discusses herbicide resistance in pulses across Western Canada

December 8 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program with Steve Shirtliffe, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan looks at different ways to manage weeds in pulses, from increasing seeding rates, to mechanical weed control

December 15 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program with Carl Potts discussing some of the ways that new markets are being developed for pulses, as well as some comments on 2018 pea acres

December 22 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program with Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos, Global Affairs as he talks about his upcoming keynote presentation at CropSphere


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