January 2018 Pulse Advisor “On the Air” Program

December 16, 2017

SPG's Carl Potts talks about the import duty on peas and the situation with India, as well as what is being done in market development for pulses. An interview with CropSphere keynote presenter Darrell Bricker from IPSOS Global Affairs.

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  • Carl Potts discusses the situation with India including fumigation and the 50% import duty on yellow peas. He also talks about some of the areas where markets are being further developed for pulses.
  • Darrell Bricker with IPSOS Public Affairs discusses his upcoming presentation at CropSphere, which includes a look at Canada and the battle between new and old, east versus west, suburban versus urban, etc. What will these shifts in demographics and attitudes mean for the future of agriculture?

January 5 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program with Dr. Brynn Winegard discusses her upcoming keynote presentation on turning your brain from a surviving to a thriving mindset

January 12 Pulse Advisor on the Air Program featured a focus on the applied research and demonstration projects, as well as the Pulse Replicated on-Farm Independent Trials, that SPG conducted during the 2017 growing season

January 19 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program profiles the upcoming intercropping workshop in Regina, being hosted by Lana Shaw, Manager from the South East Research Farm

January 26 Pulse Advisor On the Air Program covered Carl Potts speakign at the recent grand opening of the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon


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