Take a Hike…Through Your Faba Beans

June 03, 2015

Now is a good time for growers to take a walk through their faba beans to assess the seeding depth, population, and overall health of the plants.

Get an estimate of the plant stand if you know the row spacing, otherwise consider taking along a meter stick. In this first video, Sherrilyn Phelps, Agronomy and Seed Program Manager with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers talks about faba bean plant populations and seeding depth.

As the season progresses, it is important for growers to keep scouting faba bean crops for potential threats. As the plants are relatively non-competitive out of the gate, early season weed control is essential. When scouting for insects and disease, keep an eye out for cutworms, wireworms, lygus bugs, grasshoppers, bertha armyworms, chocolate spot and sclerotinia. 

In this second video Sherrilyn Phelps gives us a reminder of what to look for as the season progresses, covering key insects and diseases.


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