Pulse School Videos

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) and Real Agriculture have teamed up to bring you Pulse School, a series of online videos aimed at educating farmers on growing, marketing, and selling pulse crops.


Lygus Bugs in Faba Beans

Canadian Grain Commission Urges Growers to Submit Harvest Samples

Avoid Bleaching in Peas

Deciding Whether to Desiccate

A Look at How Pulses are Faring in Dry Conditions

Checking up on Disease Development and Nodulation

Fusarium Does Not Just Impact Your Wheat Crops

Delivering Fungicide to the Part of the Plant That Needs It

It’s Time to Scout for Ascochyta

Assessing the culprit (s) causing a root rot problem

What You Need to Know About the Critical Weed Free Period

Preventing Damage by the Pea Leaf Weevil

Assessing In-Field Tools for Managing Aphanomyces (Do I Have to Wait Six Years?)

Sorting Out the Pulse Export Problem With India

Pulse Crop Rotation Options in the Face of Root Rots


Grading the Quality of this Year's Crop

Improved Root Rot Resistance Coming for Peas

Taking the Bite Out of Off-Flavours

Herbicide Layering — The Tag Team Approach to Fighting Weeds and Resistance

Making the Call on Pea Aphids

Maintain the Upper Hand on Diseases — Preventing Fungicide Resistance

Tom Wolf’s Tips for Effective Fungicide Application

Food Companies Looking at Pea Flour to Make Breakfast Cereals & Instant Noodles More Nutritious

A Rookie's Guide to Growing Peas

Is Your Seed Up to Snuff?

Know Your Seed Size - Keys to Getting Faba Beans Off to a Strong Start

Top Five Tips for a Great Lentil Crop

Lessons Learned from Record Faba Bean Acres in ’15

How High Will Pea Acres Go in ’16?

Record Lentil Acres Expected with Spike in Prices