SPG Released Varieties

Attention Seed Growers: Distribution agents named for CDC pulse varieties outside Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) has licensed the distribution rights for select pulse varieties in provinces outside of Saskatchewan to SeCan and SeedNet for a 10-year period. 

Saskatchewan pulse producers contribute significant upfront funding towards the development of CDC varieties through the levy they pay to SPG. In return for their investment, Saskatchewan growers receive royalty-free access to the pulse varieties developed by the CDC. By licensing the distribution of select varieties for sale in provinces outside of Saskatchewan, SPG is ensuring that growers in other provinces also pay for access to CDC varieties through a seed-royalty system.

The marketing rights have been awarded as follows:

SeCan (all of Canada excluding Saskatchewan)

CDC Spruce (green pea)
CDC Forest (green pea)
CDC Spectrum (yellow pea)
CDC Athabasca (yellow pea)
CDC Canary (yellow pea)
CDC Jasper (forage pea)
CDC Blazer (maple pea)
CDC Kermit (small green lentil)
CDC Roxy (extra small red lentil)
CDC Impulse CL (small red lentil)
CDC Redmoon (small red lentil)
CDC 3674-15 (small red lentil)
CDC 4371-4 (small red lentil)

SeedNet (Alberta, Manitoba, BC Peace River District)

CDC Inca (yellow pea)
CDC Proclaim CL (small red lentil)
CDC Palmer (kabuli chickpea)

Implications for Seed Growers in Saskatchewan
Seed growers in Saskatchewan will continue to buy and sell seed of these varieties royalty-free in Saskatchewan. However, seed growers in Saskatchewan are not permitted to sell seed of CDC-developed varieties to seed growers or commercial producers outside of Saskatchewan without an agreement in place with either SeCan or SeedNet.

Implications for Seed Growers Outside of Saskatchewan
In order to sell seed of licensed varieties, seed growers outside Saskatchewan are required to join SeCan and/or SeedNet, and to collect and submit a seed royalty. If you are a seed grower outside of Saskatchewan and currently in possession of pedigreed seed of the licensed varieties, and are not already affiliated with SeCan or SeedNet, please contact them immediately for available options. Seed growers who are not a part of SeCan and SeedNet and have not previously purchased seed of the licensed varieties may contact each company regarding the potential to join and have the opportunity to access these varieties.

Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR)
All of the products on the list are protected by PBR’91. Unauthorized sales are an infringement of Plant Breeders’ Rights.

Contact Information 
Todd Hyra
Business Manager, Western Canada
Ph: 204-489-9126

Elizabeth Tokariuk
General Manager
Ph:  403-715-9771

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
Laurie Friesen
Seed Program Manager
Ph: 306-668-2812

Frequently Asked Questions on the Distrubutuion Rights for CDC Varieties Outside Saskatchewan