CDC Developed Varieties

Pulse crop varieties come through the Pulse Breeding Program, the result of a collaborative research agreement between SPG and the University of Saskatchewan's Crop Development Centre (CDC).

Its principal objective is to develop new and/or improved varieties of pulse crops for Saskatchewan pulse growers, and to make them available on a cost-effective and timely basis. Through our investment in this program, pulse growers in Saskatchewan have royalty-free access to new and superior pulse crop varieties on an ongoing basis. Commercialization of pulse crop varieties occurs under the SPG Variety Release Program.

Based on the successful achievements of the SPG's long term agreement with the CDC and the Pulse Breeding Program, SPG and CDC agreed on a renewal of the breeding agreement, the Pulse Crop Advancement Agreement, for a new term of 15 years beginning in 2005. The revised agreement includes an expanded scope of research, which integrates pulse pathology and seed quality assessment into crop genetic improvement.

Saskatchewan Pulse Crops Seeding and Variety Guide 2017

Pulse Variety Description Table 2017

Variety Tech Sheets for Chickpeas, Lentils, Faba Beans, and Peas