Variety & Tender Release Programs

Variety Release Program

The Variety Release Program (VRP) is a seed distribution program managed by SPG where Select Seed Growers can access breeder seed of new broadly adapted varieties developed by plant breeders from the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. 

The program’s purpose is to increase growth of the pulse industry in Saskatchewan and Western Canada through the rapid uptake and acceptance of new and improved pulse varieties. Crops included as part of this program include pea, lentil, chickpea, bean, and faba bean. Any nationally recognized Select Seed Grower whose provincial pulse grower organization has an agreement with SPG is eligible to apply for breeder seed through this program.  

Tender Release Program

The Tender Release program is designed for varieties developed through the Crop Development Centre’s Breeding Program that are unique and have little or no established market demand.

SPG will consider tendering the exclusive rights out to a variety or market class if:

  • There is limited demand/small product volume
  • Marketing could result in premiums for producers
  • Demand has a unique geographic market
  • Markets currently supplied by Saskatchewan production will not be disrupted
  • CDC pulse breeders need to work closely with the trade to develop an emerging market class
  • A closed loop system is needed to protect intellectual property

Varieties that fit into any or all of the above criteria may be released through a call for tender from interested parties. The successful party is awarded exclusive distribution rights for a selected period of time. Royalties apply on these varieties to recapture the benefit for all pulse producers in Saskatchewan. Additional financial compensation may also be required such as an upfront payment and/or an annual research contribution fee to pay for the continued development of the market class.  It is hoped that through increased collaboration and communication with processors and exporters, development and commercialization of niche varieties developed at the CDC will be more efficient, economical and beneficial to the Saskatchewan pulse industry.

Current Tendered Varieties

  • CDC Jet (single black bean line) awarded to Martens Seeds. Contract expires in 2017.
  • Slow-Darkening Pinto Bean awarded to Scoular. Contract expires in 2017.
  • Yellow Bean awarded to Scoular. Contract expires in 2017.
  • Black Bean awarded to Scoular. Contract expires in 2018. 
  • Large Red Lentil awarded to AGT Foods. Contract expires in 2017.
  • Green Cotyledon Lentil awarded to AGT Foods. Contract expires in 2017.
  • Spanish Brown Lentil awarded to Simpson Seeds Inc. Contract expires in 2017.
  • Large-seeded, Food-type Faba Bean awarded to AGT Foods. Contract expires in 2018.
  • Red Cotyledon Pea awarded to Ilta Grain. Contract expires in 2021.

Renewal of Tendered Varieties

After consultation with tender program participants and an open call for input from growers and pulse processors/exporters, SPG intends to renew the following agreements under the SPG Tender Release Program:

  • Slow-Darkening Pinto Bean market class, held by Scoular, renew to 2022
  • Yellow Bean market class, held by Scoular, renew to 2022
  • Large Red Lentil market class, held by AGT Foods, renew to 2020
  • Green Cotyledon Lentil market class, held by AGT Foods, renew to 2022
  • Spanish Brown Lentil market class, held by Simpson Seeds Inc, renew to 2022

For the results of the call for input hosted on SPG’s website, click here.