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Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) does not buy or sell pulse crops. To purchase Saskatchewan-grown peas, lentils, chickpeas, and/or beans, please refer to the Pulse Companies List or contact the Canadian Special Crops Association.

The Pulse Companies List is a complete list of Canadian pulse brokers, buyers, and processors who are licensed and bonded (unless indicated as exempt) through the Canadian Grain Commission.

Note: For the purposes of this list:

  • A pulse broker is a company that arranges transactions between buyers and sellers, usually without taking possession of the crop.
  • A pulse processor is a company that handles and processes the crop; they may or may not be acting as agents for other companies.
  • An SPG buyer is a company that has registered with SPG and that remits the pulse levy. The word ''registered'' does not imply endorsement.
  • The Canada Grain Act requires some elevators and grain dealers to have a Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) license and post security to cover their liabilities (what they owe) to farmers. Grain dealers and operators of primary, terminal, and process elevators in Western Canada are licensed by the CGC. Seed cleaning plants which do not purchase grain and feed mills do not have to be licensed.
  • SPG does not endorse any company over another and does not take responsibility for any transactions between these companies and their clients. It is the personal responsibility of individuals to satisfy themselves that any company they deal with is financially sound. Please take the time to ensure you are dealing with a reliable company. You can do this by asking the company questions, or for references. You can also contact the Canadian Grain Commission to check which companies are licensed.

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    • Buyer; Exporter; Organic Buyer; Organic Exporter

    Wilbur-Ellis Company Canada Ltd

    • Crops:
    • Feed Peas; Green Lentils; Red Lentils; Other Lentils; Beans
    • Buyer; Exporter

    XPT Grain Inc

    • Crops:
    • Edible Yellow Peas; Edible Green Peas; Desi Chickpeas; Kabuli Chickpeas; Green Lentils; Red Lentils; French Green Lentils; Other Lentils; Faba Beans; Soybeans
    • Buyer; Exporter; Processor

    Zeghers Seed Inc

    • Crops:
    • Edible Yellow Peas; Edible Green Peas