In partnership with pulse grower organizations across the country and with processors and exporters of pulses and special crops, SPG recognized the need for improved transportation system performance in 2006 and took action by making significant investments in transportation work at Pulse Canada. Today, the pulse industry is viewed as a national leader in this area and has been successful in getting shippers of other products such as forestry, automotive, and mining working together to deal with transportation issues our industry cannot tackle alone. We are confident that the only way we can have impact at the national level is to work together with the pulse industry across the country as well as with grain and other rail shippers in Canada.

One advancement made in transportation as a result of SPG’s investments is establishing the right to service level agreements in legislation. Pulse Canada was the only shipper group in Canada to package industry recommendations and promote them in the form of a service level agreement to the Rail Freight Service Review Panel. This resulted in the introduction of legislation giving shippers a right to service level agreements and a process to establish one if commercial negotiations fail.

White Paper: Pulse Canada's Response to the Canada Transportation Act Review Report

Ag Transport Coalition

A significant accomplishment is the pulse industry’s efforts to establish the Ag Transport Coalition, which is a coalition of agriculture industry stakeholders who are prepared to invest into a long-term transportation strategy for the agriculture industry. Pulse Canada joined forces with the Canadian Canola Growers Association, the Alberta Wheat Commission, the Manitoba Pulse Growers Association, the Western Grain Elevators Association, the Inland Terminals Association of Canada, the Canadian Oilseed Processors Association, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to invest over $3.2 million in a plan aimed at delivering measurable improvements.

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