Pulse and Soybean Agronomy Workshop Presentations Now Available

November 17, 2017

For those who attended the Pulse and Soybean Agronomy Workshop on November 7 & 8, the presentations are now available.

There were a number of questions that were texted in during the workshop. If you asked a question that was not answered during the workshop, check out this compiled list of all questions and answers from the presenters.

Weed Management in Pulses

Herbicide Resistance – Where we are at and where we don’t want to go – Dr. Hugh Beckie

Tools for Managing Resistance and Weed Control – Herbicide options for pulses now and into future - Eric Johnson

Managing Weed Seeds Part I – Weed biology, timing of seed shed, factors affecting viability or longevity of seeds in the soil – Dr. Chris Willenborg

Managing Weed Seeds Part II – Tools to influence seed production and dispersal – Lena Syrvoy

Enhanced Weed Control Using Agronomics and Mechanical Methods – Dr. Steve Shirtliffe

Sustainability, Soil Health, and Rotations

Soil Health and Biology as Influenced by Pulses – Dr. Yantai Gan

Effects of Pulses in Rotation – Dr. Mervin St. Luce

Sustainability of Pulses – From farm to fork – Denis Tremorin

Fertility & Inoculants

Managing Fertility of Pulses by Understanding What the Plant Needs – Dr. Jeff Schoenau

New Pulses: Soybean and faba bean fertility management – Chris Holzapfel

Inoculants and Nodulation – Garry Hnatowich

Agronomist Experience – Troy LaForge

Disease & Insect Management

Root Rot Complex in Western Canada – Where are we at with Fusarium, Aphanomyces, and Phytophthora – Dr. Syama Chatterton

Foliar Disease Management in Pulses – What are the tools and how to use them – Dr. Sabine Banniza

Insects Pests and Beneficials – Pea leaf weevil, aphids, and others – Dr. Meghan Vankosky

Agronomist Experience – Kate Dinwoodie


Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

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