SPG Varieties Licensed Distribution Rights

March 22, 2018

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) has licensed the distribution rights outside of Saskatchewan to SeCan for a 10-year period for the following 2018 release pulse varieties:

CDC Lewochko (yellow pea)
CDC IBC-937 (large green lentil)
CDC IBC-978 (extra small red lentil)
CDC 219-16 (white-flowered fababean)

To access these varieties outside of Saskatchewan, please contact SeCan:

Todd Hyra
Business Manager, Western Canada
Ph: 204-489-9126

In 2017 SPG licensed the distribution rights of additional select varieties to SeCan and SeedNet for a 10-year period. Those varieties included:

SeCan (all of Canada excluding Saskatchewan)

CDC Spruce (green pea)
CDC Forest (green pea)
CDC Spectrum (yellow pea)
CDC Athabasca (yellow pea)
CDC Canary (yellow pea)
CDC Jasper (forage pea)
CDC Blazer (maple pea)
CDC Kermit (small green lentil)
CDC Roxy (extra small red lentil)
CDC Impulse CL (small red lentil)
CDC Redmoon (small red lentil)
CDC 3674-15 (small red lentil)
CDC 4371-4 (small red lentil)

SeedNet (Alberta, Manitoba, BC Peace River District)

CDC Inca (yellow pea)
CDC Proclaim CL (small red lentil)
CDC Palmer (kabuli chickpea)


Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Strategic Plan

May 2015

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has a new strategic plan.

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