Pea Genetic Improvement Program

Pea Genetic Improvement Program (PGIP)

The goal of this program is to ensure that the Western Canadian pea industry remains competitive in world markets, through access to and adoption of the best varieties available. PGIP was established to encourage pea breeders and breeding institutions to continue developing superior pea varieties for Saskatchewan growers, by providing a financial incentive to pea developers. This program recognizes the contributions made by both domestic and international private and public pea breeding programs to the development, growth, and success of the pea industry in Saskatchewan. SPG initiated this program in June 2004 for a three-year term, with initial payment made for the 2003 crop year. The fourth term of the PGIP program was recently extended to include the 2016 crop year. There are currently five breeding institutes that participate in the program, and SPG is actively seeking to increase diversity and numbers of pea breeders from around the world to invest in developing varieties suitable for Saskatchewan. Their investments into pea breeding mean that Saskatchewan growers will have access to leading genetics and choice among pea varieties in the future.