Exploitation of green lentil as a substitute for Indian pulses

  • Lentils

Lead Investigator(s)

Dr. G. Pushpa

Lead Investigator(s) Institution

Post Harvest Technology Centre, Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


To conduct a market survey for native pulse based products in collaboration with food processors and vendors. To conduct a comparative study of the physical, chemical, nutritional, and rheological characteristics of native pulses and green lentil. To develop green lentil based food products. To transfer technology of green lentil-based food processing, on a pilot scale, to processors for production of green lentil based food products.


Lentil is a nutritious pulse comparable to the native Indian pulses and is highly suitable for use in most of the pulse based traditional recipes. Results of sensory evaluation of the food products from lentil and native pulses showed that lentil supplemented and substituted food formulations were acceptable as compared to control products prepared from red gram, green gram, and black gram. The survey report revealed that there is no awareness among the Indian population about lentil utilization for preparing nutritionally rich Indian recipes. Creating awareness and making lentils available regularly in the market and popularizing products on a large scale will increase the usage of lentils among the Indian community which will be beneficial to both India and Canada.


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2008 - 2010