Establishing the digestible nutrient content and rate of starch digestion of peas for poultry as affected by processing and pea cultivar

  • Peas
  • University of Saskatchewan

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Dr. Henry Classen

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University of Saskatchewan - Dept. of Animal and Poultry Sciences


To define the impact of feed processing (grinding size and pelleting conditions) on the rat and degree of nutrients digestibility (AME, GE, starch, amino acids).


Pea cultivar and used feed processing should be considered when poultry diets are formulated with pea. Laying hen producers can include up to 300 g/kg of pea in diets. Broiler producers should consider the flock age as they include pea in their chickens diets. For starter diets (0 to 10 d) a maximum of 300 g/kg pea inclusion is recommended whereas up to 600 g/kg of pea can be used to formulate grower and finisher diets. DL–methionine, L–threonine, and L–tryptophan should be supplemented as needed.


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2005 - 2009