Processing and pea-based dog foods: Maximizing starch resistance to improve obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular health and intestinal health

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  • University of Saskatchewan

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Dr. Lynn Weber

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University of Saskatchewan - Veterinary Biomedical Sciences


To conduct a longer‐term feeding trial (4 weeks) with a cross‐over design to compare the ability of a pea‐based kibble diet versus a rice‐based kibble diet to cause weight loss and improve glucose handling and insulin sensitivity in obese laboratory beagle dogs, and to determine the effect on gut microflora, fecal metabolomics, and fecal/urinary output with longer‐term feeding of a pea‐based versus a rice‐based diet in obese laboratory beagle.


When dogs were fed a single feeding of just pure carbohydrate, peas had the lowest glycemic index (rank order peas


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2009 - 2011


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Vitamin Settlement Fund

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