Exploring options for technology-driven value-enhanced lentil supply chains

  • Lentils
  • University of Saskatchewan

Lead Investigator(s)

Dr. Richard Gray

Lead Investigator(s) Institution

University of Saskatchewan - Dept. of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics


To explore the different institutional arrangements that could be developed within the Saskatchewan pulse value chain to establish a market for high-quality cleaned and de-hulled lentils milled from superior varieties with uniquely identifiable seed coats. To quantify the economic outcomes of these arrangements.


This study analyzed expected benefits of de-hulling all Canadian red lentils prior to export, as a way to protect the competitive advantage currently enjoyed by western Canadian producers, and delay the price drop expected if Russia and Kazakhstan, which have large areas of land suitable for lentils, are able to speed the development of their industry using CDC varieties. The benefits were smaller than expected, but the advantages and complexities of increased local processing should also be considered by the lentil industry.

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Duration/Timeline of Project (Year to Year)

2012 - 2013