Combinations of sulfentrazone and saflufenacil for an improved spectrum of broadleaf weed control in chickpea

  • Lentils
  • Herbicide Resistance
  • Weed Management

Lead Investigator(s)

Eric Johnson

Lead Investigator(s) Institution

Western Applied Research Corporation


To determine if combinations of Authority and Heat provided a broader spectrum of weed control than Authority applied alone. To determine if combinations of Heat and Authority resulted in higher levels of injury to lentil in a re-cropping situation.


Both chickpea and field pea had excellent tolerance to Heat and Authority combinations. In 2011, none of the treatments resulted in unacceptable injury to the lentil or a reduction in lentil seed yield at both locations. In 2010, there was some indication that adding Heat to the highest rate of Authority tested (140 g ai ha-1) resulted in higher levels of visual injury than Authority alone. However, none of this resulted in reduced lentil yields.


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2009 - 2012


BASF Canada