Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is a Pulse Crop Development Board that is accountable to and funded by growers.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide leadership and create opportunities for profitable growth for the Saskatchewan pulse industry.

  • Our Mission

    Our Vision

    Nourishing the world with profitable pulse production.

  • Our Mission

    Our Leadership

    Accountable to and funded by growers, SPG’s strategic direction is guided by a seven member, grower-elected Board of Directors. SPG’s mission is to provide leadership for profitable growth for the Saskatchewan pulse industry. Learn more about the SPG Board and staff.

Our Funding

Over the years, the pulse industry has seen an increase in pulse acres and growing market demand. As a result, the amount of levy SPG collects has grown as the profitability of pulses is at an all-time high.SPG is responding to this success by reducing the levy on pulses and soybeans from 1% to 0.67% for a one year period, effective August 1, 2016. Every buyer, processor, broker, assembler, exporter, or marketer of pulses who acquires Saskatchewan grown pulses from a grower is mandated under provincial and federal legislation to deduct the pulse levy. Levy of 0.67% the gross value of sale (plus GST) is deducted at the first point of sale or distribution when a Saskatchewan grower sells a pulse crop including peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, faba beans, and other crops such as soybeans as identified in the Agri-Food Council Pulse Crop Development Regulations. The legislation applies to all pulses, regardless of how they were produced (i.e. conventional, organic, or other). Visit the Agri-Food Council for more information.