Investment in pulse research, development and breeding has had a direct impact on Saskatchewan growers’ productivity and profitability.

Research Strategy

SPG’s newly launched research and development strategy is focused on solutions to growers’ biggest production barriers.

SPG’s next decade of investment targets five key result areas that focus on increasing yields, increasing demand and market access, developing new pulse crops and varieties, and listening to growers to ensure SPG understands their priorities.

To guide these investments, SPG targets strategies as outlined below while also being guided by the National Pulse Research Strategy.

Increasing Yields & Profitability

Research investments target ways to realize the yield potential of existing pulse crops such as peas and lentils while maintaining profitability by:

SPG will also be targeting the expansion of the acres of minor pulse crops such as faba beans, chickpeas, soybeans, dry beans, and fenugreek to support long-term rotation sustainability by ensuring there is at least one viable pulse crop for every acre in Saskatchewan.

By 2025:

  • Reach average lentil yields of 1,620 pounds per acre.
  • Reach average pea yields of 43 bushels per acre.
  • 1 million acres of new and minor pulse crops grown in Saskatchewan.

Mitigation of Root Rots

SPG is taking a multifaceted approach to the most challenging diseases, such as root rot. SPG is investing in:

Learn more about our collaborative efforts to solve Western Canada’s root rot challenges through the Pulse Root Rot Network.

By 2030: Mitigation of root rot in peas and lentils

Herbicide Tolerance

Growers need help with the management of herbicide resistant weeds. Furthering our commitment to the sustainable production of one of Saskatchewan’s most important pulse crops, SPG will be investing in herbicide tolerance options for lentils.

By 2030: Additional herbicide tolerances for lentils

Pulse Quality Program

The Pulse Quality Program will benchmark the quality of pulses in Saskatchewan by variety and location. Over time it will also benchmark best management practices that influence quality.

By 2030: A pulse quality program that recommends production practices to influence end use quality.

Breeding Investments

Breeding investments focus on priorities for growers to increase profitability while sustaining quality. SPG is targeting investments in multiple breeding programs, both private and public, to drive variety advancements for pulses. 

Key areas for breeding are:

By 2030: Breeding investments for crop development

Lentil Flowers

New Funding for Pulse Research, Root Rot and Agronomy Tools

Pea Flowers

New Investments in Pulse Breeding and Genetics

Technical (PDF, 694 KB)

National Pulse Research Strategy

November, 2021

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