Our Vision

To nourish the world with profitable pulse production. 

Our Mission

To provide leadership and create opportunities for profitable growth for Saskatchewan pulses.

We will achieve our vision by undertaking work in five key results areas (KRA): Boosting profitability of established pulse crops, impacting demand opportunities for pulses, evolving the development of new pulse crop options, reaching further with expanded market access, and connecting with growers.

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Boosting profitability through increasing yields of established pulse crops by unlocking yield potential and reducing agronomic constraints growers are facing. 

The on-farm yield gains for growers come from continued enhancement of genetic yield potential and from reducing the agronomic constraints to achieving that maximum economic yield potential. We believe that to support yield potential, we need to invest in furthering genetics, and to undertake work to reduce the impact of weeds and diseases.

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Impacting demand by expanding the use of pulses through increased export demand and new market opportunities.

The Canadian pulse industry has set a goal of “25 by 2025”. This means the pulse industry will strive to build new use markets, such as food ingredient and foodservice, for at least 25 per cent of Canada’s pulse production by the year 2025. To do this, we must demonstrate the value pulses and pulse ingredients have to offer food companies and consumers, including their nutritional benefits and the role pulses can play in sustainable food production.

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Evolving through the development of new pulse crop options with the goal of a viable pulse crop option for every acre of land in Saskatchewan.

To ensure pulses are a profitable and sustainable crop option for all growers in Saskatchewan, we are striving to ensure at least one pulse crop is available for every acre of arable land in Saskatchewan. We believe fostering the development of soybeans, faba beans, and chickpeas is a key piece to achieving our goal.

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Reaching further through expanded market access by ensuring growers have access to a high functioning transportation system and that trade barriers are resolved.

Maintaining and expanding access to key export markets around the world is critical. Being viewed globally as reliable and consistent suppliers of pulse crops directly affects the ability for growers across Canada to be successful. That is why we, along with other provincial pulse organizations, provide funding to our national association Pulse Canada to lead work in market access and transportation that impact pulse farmers at a national level.

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Connecting by increasing SPG’s engagement with growers to ensure we understand and are meeting the needs of pulse growers in Saskatchewan.

To achieve this, we will gain input from growers, and strive to provide you with relevant, practical, and useful information on pulse production, marketing, and levy investments.

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