Market Development

As we strive to increase acreage of pulse crops in the province, we know in order to produce more, we must also build new market demand for pulse crops. To achieve profitable growth of the Saskatchewan pulse industry, we are working to build new use opportunities for pulses in non-traditional markets, while also ensuring we maintain access to the key traditional export markets that are leading to grower profitability today.

Maintaining Market Access

As the Saskatchewan pulse industry has grown, we have seen advancements in pulse crop production. As larger crops come off the field, more Canadian pulses are being exported each year. This is why maintaining and expanding access to key export markets, while also being viewed as a reliable supplier for pulses around the world, is critical.

of Canadian pulse crops are currently exported
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Building New Demand

The Canadian pulse industry has set a goal to have 25% of pulse production marketed into new uses by 2025.

We are working to achieve this by creating new demand for pulses and for pulse ingredients in non-traditional markets including into retail food products and in the foodservice industry.

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