Consumer acceptance of plant-based foods is on the rise, and Canada holds a prominent global position as a reputable producer of safe and high-quality agricultural and agri-food products.

As one of the world’s leaders in producing peas and lentils, pulse processing is gaining strength domestically, positioning Canada to be a leader in value-add plant protein ingredients, in high demand in North America and around the world. 

Pulse Canada and the Canadian Pulse Industry have made many investments and led activities that have contributed to sector growth.  

This infographic shows the rise of domestic pulse processing with many new plants beginning phased production in recent years. However, this was not an overnight success – market development efforts in this sector have been ongoing for over 15 years, underscoring the impact of this work and the long-term nature of the outcomes.  

Explore the work and initiatives of the Canadian Pulse Industry’s market development efforts related to pulse processing and how it has impacted capacity in this sector. 


  • Pulse Canada invests in six human clinical trials investigating health outcomes related to consumption of different pulse types and ingredient formats to build health claims for pulse. 


  • Pulse Canada partners with Canadian food development centres on projects to demonstrate using pulse ingredients in ten food applications. 


  • Pulse Milling multi-year project initiated at Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI), funded by SPG and Alberta Pulse Growers (APG). 


  • Pulse Canada partners with seven food manufacturers on pulse product development projects. 



  • Glycemic index claims on new pulse-based product launches in North America grow by 300% from 2012 and continue to rise. 
  • Carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly claims on new pulse-based product launches grow by 7,000% from 2012. \


  • Pulse Canada partners with four multi-nationals on pulse product development. 



  • Verdient Foods Inc. Announces new pulse processing plant for Vanscoy, SK. 
  • Roquette announces new Canadian pulse processing plant for Portage la Prairie, MB. 


  • Buhler Industries announces investment into Food Processing Innovation Center with a focus on pulse processing. 
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada announces launch of Canada’s Super Clusters including Protein Industries. 
  • Ingredion purchases Verdient Foods Inc. 
  • Best Cooking Pulses partners with Avena Foods.  
  • Agrocorp announces investment into their Protein Extraction Plant in Cut Knife, SK. 


  • Pulse Canada facilitates IMPROVE Pulse Milling Project to optimize Canadian pulse flour quality through processing modifications. 
  • Merit Functional Foods announces Plant Protein Production Facility in Winnipeg, MB. 


  • Canadian pea, lentil, and faba bean life-cycle analysis (LCA) quantifying the sustainability benefits of each crop was developed by Pulse Canada.