Additional pea fields located across Saskatchewan are required for a field survey initiated via the provincial pest monitoring program during the 2022 field season.

This survey of pea fields is conducted annually across the province and aims to gather information on the distribution and population of pea leaf weevil in Saskatchewan field peas.

Your participation in this field survey will help advance the industry’s understanding of pulse pest related issues. To understand the risks and potential damage associated with these pests, the Ministry of Agriculture and its partners monitor the presence, abundance, and impact of important crop pests in Saskatchewan. This information is used to build forecast maps and make recommendations for control. Data from the pest surveys are archived and used as a reference to see historical trends that can be used to guide research initiatives or identify changes in pest pressure. Pest-related research is also supported through pest surveys via the collection of samples used by researchers in studies

To learn more about the survey or to enroll your pea fields in the survey please contact Carter Peru, Integrated Pest Management Agrologist at Saskatchewan Agriculture.