Additional chickpea fields are required for a field survey initiated by researchers with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) during the 2021 growing season.

This survey of chickpea fields in Southern Saskatchewan aims to better understand the emerging chickpea plant health issue. Information will be gathered in the following key areas:

  1. Prevalence and severity of symptoms in chickpeas in Southern Saskatchewan
  2. Potential relationship between the symptoms and other pest stresses
  3. Effect of the environment, including rainfall and temperature, as well as sporadic events such as hail or heavy wind
  4. Effect of application and timing and type fungicides and herbicides
  5. Effect of planting time as well as chickpea variety and type

Your participation in this field survey will help advance the industry’s understanding of this plant health issue in chickpeas. To enroll your chickpea fields in the survey, provide your consent to access these fields by becoming part of the pest monitoring program.

For additional information on the survey please contact Michelle Hubbard, Plant Pathologist at AAFC.