China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) suspended the registration of two Canadian companies and their ability to export Canadian canola seed to China based on alleged detection of pests of quarantine concern.

Canadian officials are fully engaged with Chinese counterparts to restore access for the suspended companies as quickly as possible and to resume predictability of trade in canola seed. Please note that all shipments of Canadian canola seed continue to be under heightened inspection and quarantine as per a notice published by GACC on March 7, 2019.

The current actions taken by GACC are limited to canola seed, and while there have been media reports on trade disruptions covering a broad range of Canadian agricultural products to China, we have not received any indication to that effect. We continue to encourage Canadian companies to continue to report to us any changes to commercial activities of an unusual nature. We are committed to informing the industry of any changes in China’s customs procedures and export approvals, should we learn of any new developments.

DISCLAIMER: The current trade situation remains fluid and subject to sudden change. It is the responsibility of individual companies to make informed business decisions at the time of export. 


Market Access Secretariat