Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) has been made aware that India is heightening its regulatory testing on imported pulses.

India Market Access Update – Oct 25, 2019

The Government of Canada has not yet received any official notification from the Government of India regarding a change to phytosanitary policy but have been advised by India’s Ministry of Agriculture that India is inspecting 100% of lentils being imported from all origins. 

CFIA certifies Canadian shipments on the basis of India’s quarantine requirements, which includes a defined quarantine list for weed seeds in India. However, it has recently become unclear how the detection of weed seeds that are not on the quarantine list will be treated. This creates an environment of uncertainty and risk as to how lentil shipments will be handled when they arrive in India. Growers should be aware this unpredictability could result in reduced lentil exports and lower prices for growers.

SPG, along with other Provincial pulse organizations, are working through our National partner Pulse Canada to ensure there is clarity regarding market access and India’s compliance with international obligations. The Government of Canada continues to be in constant contact with Government of India officials in order to seek clarity and a resolution to this matter and will continue to provide regular updates to the Canadian pulse industry.

Ongoing market access challenges in India continue to emphasize the importance of market diversification for pulses. This is why the Canadian pulse industry is focused on building new demand for pulses in more diverse markets with our 25 by 2025 strategy. This means creating of new demand for 25% of Canadian pulse production.