July 13, 2022 (Saskatoon, SK) – Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) is making it easier to learn about pulse variety performance by launching a new tool which provides regional variety trial (RVT) data for pulses, covering up to twelve years of data.

Timely and transparent data will enable pulse growers in Saskatchewan to make more informed decisions. 

Through the Variety Release Program, SPG has developed over 120 pulse varieties available to growers, royalty-free as part of a 15-year breeding agreement with the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and other private companies have released additional pulse varieties. As farmers plan for future production years and make seeding decisions, there are some intriguing options to consider moving away from older, historically grown varieties, into newer and better performing varieties. 

In 2021, SPG took over the coordination and execution of the pulse and soybean RVTs for Saskatchewan. RVTs provide an unbiased and transparent testing system of long-term variety performance and have been a reliable resource for growers and agronomists when choosing varieties. This new tool developed by SPG takes the information to a new level and provides data on varieties by location and allows comparative yield analyses between varieties that will help growers make informed choices for their farm. 

SPG can show growers, agronomists, and seed growers the benefits and yield advantages of specific varieties in specific growing regions of the province through the pulse regional variety trial portal. Data collected from regional variety trials is uploaded to the virtual portal, and can be compared across locations, years, and varieties to get the best variety recommendations at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. 

The pulse regional variety trial portal is optimized to provide an easy to use and efficient platform to showcase photos and videos from the field: 

  • Interactive Map – Find pulse varieties suited for different regions in Saskatchewan and view detailed data for each variety. 
  • Variety Details – In-depth details are available for different crop types and varieties including charts, tables, and coming soon, photos and videos. This portal is a key tool for delivering transparent data to growers. 
  • Compare Varieties – Select a crop type and see comparative historical yield data for selected varieties. This tool offers a clear look at newer varieties compared to older varieties. 

Visit the pulse regional variety trial portal to access up-to-date data and information for pulse varieties in Saskatchewan.  

When you are ready to purchase seed mentioned in the portal, you can visit the Saskatchewan Seed Growers’ Association Interactive SaskSeed Guide or the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association Seed Locator

Accountable to and funded by growers, SPG’s strategic direction is guided by a nine member, grower-elected, Board of Directors. SPG’s mission is to provide leadership for profitable growth for Saskatchewan pulses.

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