As part of Finance Canada’s pre-budget consultations for Budget 2022, the Saskatchewan Crop Commissions put forward a submission highlighting four recommendations for the government’s consideration, including:

  1. That the government ensure inclusion of an agricultural perspective from both AAFC and Canadian growers when developing policies in pursuit of the path to net-zero, in recognition of agriculture’s contributions to the Canadian economy.
  2. That the government ensure it is considering potential impacts on the domestic and international competitiveness of Canadian agriculture when finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. That the government continue to invest in, and encourage, agricultural innovation to help farmers to lower their carbon footprint, while at the same time increasing their capacity to meet Canadian and global demand for their products.
  4. That government further build on earlier investments by the agricultural community, which continue the actions taken to date contributing to progress in emissions reduction.

Click here to read the Sask Crop Commissions full written submission.

The Saskatchewan Crop Commissions, consisting of SaskBarley, SaskCanola, SaskFlax, SaskOats, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, and Sask Wheat, represent the vast majority of grain and oilseed growers in Saskatchewan. The commissions were established to invest farmer dollars in varietal development, agronomic research, and market development. The common goal of these organizations is to ensure that Saskatchewan farmers remain competitive and profitable. We support and advocate for science-based policy to create and maintain an efficient, predictable business environment for Saskatchewan growers.