A proposed Senate amendment to Bill C-234 removes provisions for heating and cooling buildings and greenhouses. If the amendment is passed, the Bill will be further delayed as it will need to go back to the House of Commons. Growers know firsthand the need for natural gas and propane-operated grain dryers on Canadian farms; they are an essential tool in eliminating moisture to create Canada’s top-quality grain that Canadians and the world rely on.

SPG, alongside SaskBarley, SaskCanola, SaskFlax, SaskOats, and Sask Wheat are jointly advocating on Saskatchewan growers’ behalf on this issue, urging Senators to reject the amendment to Bill C-234 proposed by the Agriculture & Forestry Committee, and instead pass Bill C-234 as originally written.

Farmers can add their voice to the conversation by sending a letter today to urge Saskatchewan Senators to reject the amendment and pass Bill C-234. Click here to send a letter.