Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) has licensed the distribution rights outside of Saskatchewan to SeCan for a 10-year period for the following 2018 release pulse varieties:

  • CDC Lewochko (yellow pea)
  • CDC IBC-937 (large green lentil)
  • CDC IBC-978 (extra small red lentil)
  • CDC 219-16 (white-flowered fababean)

To access these varieties outside of Saskatchewan, please contact SeCan:

Todd Hyra
Business Manager, Western Canada
Ph: 204-489-9126

In 2017 SPG licensed the distribution rights of additional select varieties to SeCan and SeedNet for a 10-year period. Those varieties included:

SeCan (all of Canada excluding Saskatchewan)

  • CDC Spruce (green pea)
  • CDC Forest (green pea)
  • CDC Spectrum (yellow pea)
  • CDC Athabasca (yellow pea)
  • CDC Canary (yellow pea)
  • CDC Jasper (forage pea)
  • CDC Blazer (maple pea)
  • CDC Kermit (small green lentil)
  • CDC Roxy (extra small red lentil)
  • CDC Impulse CL (small red lentil)
  • CDC Redmoon (small red lentil)
  • CDC 3674-15 (small red lentil)
  • CDC 4371-4 (small red lentil)

SeedNet (Alberta, Manitoba, BC Peace River District)

  • CDC Inca (yellow pea)
  • CDC Proclaim CL (small red lentil)
  • CDC Palmer (kabuli chickpea)