SPG and agronomists in southern Saskatchewan have been working to identify the ongoing plant health issue affecting chickpeas.

UPDATE: The testing results have been updated with the pathogen tests. The pathogen testing is based on the presence or absence of pathogen DNA. Like the nutrient analysis and herbicide residue testing, these are preliminary, raw results and will be used together with field histories and expert advice and analysis to help find the cause of this years’ chickpea health issue. We will continue to provide updates as they become available. Please join the conversation by contacting Sherrilyn Phelps: sphelps@saskpulse.com. Growers are still encouraged to fill in and submit field history assessments.

July 20, 2020: We are working with agronomists based in southern Saskatchewan to collect field histories of affected farms together with samples of affected and healthy plants. Samples are being collected for nutrient analysis, herbicide residue testing, and disease screening.

Producers are also encouraged to fill in a field history assessment to help agronomists and pathologists better understand what is causing this issue. If you need assistance, please work with your local agronomist to help collect information and fill in the field history assessment.

With the information we receive, we hope to connect the dots around what is causing the issue. All results will be available to the public on the SPG website