Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) is pleased to see the agreement in principle for the United States (US), Mexico, and Canada Agreement (USMCA).

This agreement restores confidence in continued access to US and Mexico for pulse crops and ingredients.

“The US and Mexico are important markets for Canadian pulses,” says Corey Loessin, SPG Board Chair. “Canadian pulse exports to the US and Mexico in 2017 were valued at $339 million. With the loss of access to India, the US is Canada’s second largest market for pulses.”

North America is an important component of SPG’s strategy for market growth and diversification. The strategy was developed in collaboration with Pulse Canada and other Canadian pulse industry associations. The goal of the strategy is to have 25 per cent of Canadian pulse production diversified into new market opportunities by 2025. Part of how the goal will be achieved will be by growing the use of pulses in food products, pet foods, and foodservice operations in North America.

“Ensuring there is certainty regarding market access for the US and Mexico is essential to being able to achieve our market diversification goals,” says Loessin. “Building new market opportunities for pulses and pulse ingredients is crucial to reducing the risk pulse growers face by being reliant on any one export market. If we are able to diversify the use of pulses, we are able to mitigate the devastating impact of market access issues like we are currently facing with India.”

 The Canadian pulse sector will continue to examine the provisions of USMCA closely to fully understand any opportunities or challenges the agreement may present for pulse growers, and what, if any, actions need to be undertaken.

Accountable to and funded by growers, SPG’s strategic direction is guided by a seven member, grower-elected, Board of Directors. SPG’s mission is to provide leadership for profitable growth for Saskatchewan pulses.

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