Research Objective

Project Description

To develop a sentinel spore ‘trap-line’ using pre-grown plants in chickpea production regions that will serve as a model system to evaluate the efficacy of this type of early warning system of first release of Ascochyta rabiei spores; to develop an improved extension publication outlining clear steps for producers to follow to determine the need and timing of a fungicide application.


Two spray decision support tools evaluated have shed new light on the nature of ascochyta disease and how to best present disease management options to chickpea growers. The first tool was a ‘glove compartment’ resource that would provide information to producers and agronomists on the disease cycle, scouting and diagnostic techniques, disease management and a decision tree for determining when to apply fungicides. The second tool was a ‘sentinel system’ that would allow the research and extension community to provide an ‘early warning’ system that would tell growers when spores had become prevalent in fields in a given region so that the producers could decide whether or not to spray.

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