Research Objective

Project Description

The study aims to develop innovative nutrient enriched pulse-based convenience and functional foods to promote good health and optimum nutrition among the India population. The pulses selected for the study were the commonly consumed pulses in Tamil Nadu namely chickpea, pigeon pea, peas, and green gram in addition to the pulses lentil and faba bean. Although lentil is commonly consumed in Tamil Nadu as part of the pulses procured and sold at subsidized rates through the Public Distribution System, faba bean as a pulse is a new to the market. The physico chemical characteristics of the selected pulses have been analyzed. The six selected pulses were subjected to different processing treatments (20 treatments) to study the effect of processing on the levels of phytates, tannin, trypsin inhibitor activity, fructooligosacharides, and antioxidant activity. Generally, the pulse-based functional foods available in the market are minimum, with majority of the pulse-based foods being fermented foods with high glycemic index or high calorie foods. Hence, experimental trials were taken to develop pulse-based protein enriched functional foods by wholly or partially supplementing with the respective selected pulse in the product formulation.


A total of forty four high value pulse based innovative products were standardized and categorized into five groups;
(i) Whole and dehulled pulses – retort processed lentil dhal, roasted faba bean lentil snack with crispy, porous and easily chewable texture and faba bean papad

(ii) Extruded foods – millet and lentil based gluten free noodles and bread, lentil blended rice shaped analogues

(iii) Gluten free foods – noodles, bread, crackers, high protein gluten free cakes, cookies

(iv) Traditional foods – Lentil and green gram dhokla, pesarattu mix, Khandvi from lentil and green gram, sandge from chickpea : lentil : redgram blends (50:30:20), faba bean incorporated vadagam, murukku, gulab jamun, pulse based Kozhukattai, (both the product and the corresponding convenience mix) and

(v) Innovative functional foods – Fababean yoghurt, tofu like product from faba bean okara, chocolate flavoured faba bean milk beverage, Retort processed texturized green gram based liver curry, probiotic pulse milk blended yogurt, lentil incorporated chewy bar, nutri-dense waffles, fibre enriched cookies and khakra, pulse protein concentrate (PPC). PPC incorporated ice cream and multipurpose flour have been standardized with an aim of targeting the convenience food and health food sectors.

Suitable packaging materials, product shelf life testing and where applicable, the efficacy trials in terms of in vitro studies for IVSD, IVPD, bioavailability of minerals, and in vivo studies such as glycemic index of gluten free bread, study of laxative activity and gastrointestinal transit time of fibre enriched food products, protein quality studies, effect of pulse based yogurt on gut health were assessed. The cost involved in the processing of the pulse based instant food mixes and the techno-feasibility for commercialization was computed. The popularization programs served to create awareness among farmers, NGOs, self-help group members, hotel industry and entrepreneurs and to disseminate the technology of innovative functional pulse based products. This encouraged the beneficiaries to produce these products on a pilot scale and assess the consumer response to the new products in the market.

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