Research Objective

Project Description

To support satiety and blood sugar control claims that can be made on food labels leading to an increase in the use of pulse ingredients in processed food.


The study demonstrated that incorporation of pea protein alone or in combination with other pea ingredients were effective at improving the post-prandial glycemic response. Specifically, treatments containing pea protein led to a reduced blood glucose response and the cereal products containing pea protein and fibre were the most effective as they reduced both blood glucose and insulin. The results further provide support for future post-prandial glycemic health claims for pulse ingredients in extruded products, particularly for pinto bean and chickpea flour in addition to pea protein and fibre. Incorporating pulse flours and fractions into commonly consumed and readily available snacks and cereals would improve the nutrition of those foods by increasing the amount of protein and fibre and could provide consumers with improved glucose and insulin control.

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