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Market Class: Large Green Lentil

Year Released to Select Seed Growers: 2018
Sub-licensed Outside of SK: SeCan
International Distribution Rights: Not assigned
Breeder: Dr. Albert Vandenberg, Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
Plant Breeders Rights:

CL (Clearfield®) is a Trademark of BASF Inc.

CDC Lima (IBC-937) is a high-yielding, large green Clearfield® lentil variety that is well adapted to both north and south geographies. Compared to the Clearfield® large green lentil variety CDC Impower, it yielded 11% higher in the Brown and Dark Brown soil zones, and 24% higher in the Black and Dark Gray zones (Table 1). Compared to the conventional large green lentil CDC Greenstar, CDC Lima yielded 6% lower in the Brown and Dark Brown soil zones, however it yielded 6% higher in the Black and Dark Gray zones. CDC Lima performed particularly well at testing locations in Rosthern where it yielded significantly better than CDC Impower or CDC Greenland. In most locations throughout the testing regions, CDC Lima ranked near the top. CDC Lima has similar disease resistance characteristics as CDC Impower. CDC Lima has PBR’91 protection. 

Statistical analysis of 8 years of long-term RVT data ranked CDC Lima 3rd from the top for yield in the brown & dark brown soil zones and 1st in the black soil zone among 4 historical and new large green lentil varieties (Figure 1).


  • Highest yielding large green lentil in the north black soil zone
  • Improved lodging resistance over CDC Impower 
  • Imidazolinone tolerance 


  • Similar maturity as other large green lentils
  • Similar disease resistance as CDC Greenland and CDC Impower 


  • Shorter than CDC Impower, CDC Grimm, and CDC Greenland, more similar to CDC Maxim 

Table 1: Agronomic performance of large green lentil varieties from Co-op and Regional Trials in Saskatchewan

Variety Class Year Registered Herbicide Tolerance Years Tested Yield (% Maxim) Height (cm) Maturity Rating Resistance to: Seed Weight (g/1000)
Area 1 & 2 Area 3 & 4 Aschocyta Blight Anthracnose Race 1
CDC Greenland Large Green 2006 19 89 70 38 M/L MR S 64
CDC Impower Large Green 2009 CL 12 82 68 41 M/L MR S 64
CDC Greenstar Large Green 2013 15 99 86 40 M/L MR I 73
CDC Lima Large Green 2018 CL 11 93 92 35 M/L MR S 74
CDC Grimm  Large Green 2021 CL 8 94 84 40 M/L MR MR 75

Co-op and Regional trials in Saskatchewan, Source: Varieties of Grain Crops (SaskSeed Guide
*HT = Herbicide Tolerance. CL indicates Clearfield© variety. 
**Area 1: Brown soil zone; Area 2: Dark brown; Area 3: Black; Area 4: Dark grey 
***Resistance Ratings: R = Resistant; MR = Moderately resistant; I = Intermediate; S = Susceptible 

Figure 1. Relative yield ranking of large green lentil varieties from 8 years of RVT data in Saskatchewan in the south (left) and north (right)

Figure 2. Long term yield of large green lentil varieties from 10 years of RVT data in SK

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