Chickpeas Field Management Weeds
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Post-Emergent Herbicide Options for Chickpeas

Herbicide** Herbicide Group Application Stage* Primary Target Recropping (year after)
Advantage 240/Antler® 240/Antler® 360 Unpacked/ Arrow®/Arrow® All-in/ Centurion®/Clethodim 240®/GraminX®/Independence®/ Patron 240/Patron II/Select®1EC/ Shadow™ RTM/Statue™ (clethodim) 1 Up to the ninth above-ground node stage, and no larger than seven inches in height (60 day preharvest interval) Grassy weeds None
Solo® ADV**(imazamox) 2 One to six above-ground node Broadleaf weeds; Grassy weeds Crop restrictions on label
Buzzin® 70WDG/ Meteor®/Metrix SC/ Sencor® 75 DF/Squadron®II/TriCor® 75 DF/TriCor® LQ (metribuzin) 5 Up to 2.5 inches in height when vines have one to three above-ground nodes Broadleaf weeds Crop restrictions on label
Tough 600 EC®(pyridate) 6 Up to 9 node stage and up to maximum height of 8 inches Broadleaf weeds None
Assure® II/Contender®/ Elegant 10EC/ Idol™/Leopard®/ Marshall®/ Quiz®/Yuma™ GL (quizalofop) 1 Any (85 day pre-harvest interval) Grassy weeds None

Refer to the product label or consult with chemical manufacturer for tank mix options.

*Application stages on labels may refer to leaf, node, or above-ground node stages.
**Herbicide is for use on imidazolinone tolerant chickpea varieties only.

There may be restrictions on label for rates, varieties, or soil types. Consult label or manufacturer for more detail. Always read and follow label directions. This information is only a guide, if label information differs, follow label instructions.

Version May 2023

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