Market Development Processing

In this episode, SPG’s Pulse Science Cluster Program Manager, Constance Chiremba, sits down with Mike Nickerson, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Research Chair and Professor with the University of Saskatchewan, James D. House, Professor of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences with the University of Manitoba, Lindsey Boyd, Technologist of Pulse Science Cluster, Cereals Canada, and Elaine Sopiwnyk, Vice-President Technical Services, Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI).

The team discusses their research into how processing strategies are being developed for innovative commercially-ready pulse ingredients, and how these processes can achieve pulse flour and protein specifications, with the required functionality and nutritional profiles needed for a wide range of applications like pasta, soups, dips and sauces, pan breads, meat binders, and meat alternatives.

The outcomes of this work will result in important technical information for food manufacturers and is a key component in the Canadian pulse industry’s goal to diversify and create new markets and new uses for 25% of Canadian pulses by 2025, strengthening the demand for pulse ingredients and growers’ crops into high value markets.

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