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The Past & Why Make a Change?

SPG’s Future Role in Pulse Breeding

Guiding Principles for SPG to Invest

Investor Mindset – for SPG to invest upfront grower dollars and, if growers are to pay a royalty for access to seed, then a portion of those royalties must flow back to SPG to re-invest in breeding, research, and other areas

Value-Sharing – when assessing new partnerships, SPG is clear that we must avoid a situation where most of the incremental value of a new variety is captured in the cost of the seed – SPG is committed to affordable variety development for farmers

What Will the Future Look Like

Intended result = larger/faster genetic gain in yield + advancements in root disease/herbicide tolerance

SPG is continuing to work on and anticipates creating additional new agreements with public and private breeding institutions, including with the CDC, in the future.

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