Carl Potts
Executive Director
Office: 306-668-6676

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Communications & Market Development

Amber Johnson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Office: 306-668-3668
Cell: 306-222-8161

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Amanda Carlson
Communications Manager
Office: 306-668-0116
Cell: 306-716-5677

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Jasmine Hanson
Digital Marketing Manager
Office: 306-668-9988

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Finance & Operations

Jeff Juhnke
Director of Finance & Operations
Office: 306-651-0857

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Anna Ladynska
Administrative Assistant
Office: 306-668-0350

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Margaret Parsons
Senior Accounting Technician
Office: 306-668-2682

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Shelly Weber
Levy Manager
Office: 306-668-0590

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Research & Development

Sherrilyn Phelps
Director of Research & Development
Office: 306-668-5209
Cell: 306-480-9767

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Michael Brown
Agronomy Manager
Lentil, chickpea, dry bean
Office: 306-651-0859
Cell: 306-381-6038

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Allison Fletcher
Research Project Manager
Office: 306-668-0591
Cell: 306-270-5173

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Laurie Friesen
Seed Program Manager
Office: 306-668-2812

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Cheryl Gore
Senior Administrative Assistant (R&D)
Office: 306-668-9171

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Meagen Reed
Agronomy Manager
Pea, faba bean, soybean, fenugreek
Office: 306-668-5560
Cell: 306-381-8933

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