Research Objective

Project Description

To improve the yield and general productivity of field pea varieties of the market classes of yellow, green, marrowfat, maple and orange pea; to develop varieties or breeding materials adapted to different arable regions for Canadian pulse industry; to improve protein content of yellow and green pea cultivars by conventional breeding based on the breeding materials developed in the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) breeding program with the ultimate goal to develop field pea varieties with improved protein content; to investigate amino acid and starch profiles of the high protein breeding materials developed early, and to improve resistant starch; to characterize the genetic basis, metabolic pathways of pea protein and starch syntheses in field peas; to examine the physicochemical composition, protein quality and digestibility, and amino acid composition of new highprotein (HP) pea cultivars; to evaluate potential correlations with perceived tastes and flavours identified by a trained sensory panel and chemical analysis using GC-MS; to develop and evaluate prototype products containing HP pea fractions and to promote commercialization of HP pea cultivars.


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